Miss Claire's House
A Family Day Care Home in Roswell, Georgia
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A family day care in Roswell, Georgia where your child has the comfort
and security of home



Studies show that home daycare is a great option for parents



in the last week

I think the most important decision we've made since having a child was choosing our childcare provider. Miss Claire has been an absolute blessing for our family. She has cared for my son with such love, as she does all the children in her care. Each day is well-organized from the home cooked meals to the daily activities. Everything is so clean and sanitized that my son has rarely been sick, if at all. For me as a new mom, Miss Claire has been instrumental in helping me along the way. She lets me know when she thinks my son is ready for the next step in food/activities which I find so helpful. And when she tells me I've been doing a good job and am a good mom, it always makes me cry!
We have received a level of care (both for my son and us parents!) with Miss Claire that would have impossible in a larger daycare and I can't recommend her enough!


Small groups are not only less stressful to children, but in them, children receive one-on-one attention and can
develop closer bonds. In small, mixed age groups your child will learn to feel comfortable around older children.
"I liked the fact that were older children my daughter could play with and learn from" says Deanna S., a former client of Claire's. "Since she's an only child, she really enjoyed this social interaction."


Another advantage of mixed age groups is that siblings can be cared for together. "My boys are so close to each other. I was very happy that they could be together throughout the day." Melina J.


Family home daycare provides a home-like situation where children feel safe and loved.

"One of my favorite things about Miss Claire’s is that it is 'homey', and children get lots of personal attention, love and nurturing. Every morning my child's face lights up when Miss Claire opens her door." says Amanda whose two children have been cared for by Miss Claire.

"There is such a loving and caring environment at Miss Claire's, and the kids pick up on that from the beginning. We feel like Miss Claire is a part of our family. The kids absolutely love her, and look forward to getting to her house every day. It is a family atmosphere at her daycare." Sarah L.

"During the early stages of our children's development, we were seeking a provider that would most closely match a “stay at home” parenting situation. To that end, we have been fortunate to have Miss Claire in our children's lives. She is an extension of our family." Angie U.


    “Play is the 'primary occupation' of a child”, according to Maria Montessori and Jean Piaget, “because they learn so much from it and through it”.
    In addition, the American Academy of Pediatrics says free and unstructured play is healthy and essential for helping children reach important social, emotional, and cognitive developmental milestones as well as helping them manage stress and become resilient.

"Miss Claire has provided our children with a safe, loving and educational environment - Her passion is evident from the moment you meet her." Dan U.
    At Miss Claire’s House children learn through both gently structured and unstructured activities. Throughout the day, the children play individually and together. Toys and equipment are plentiful and age-appropriate.

“Both of my children were well prepared for pre-K by learning-through-play at Claire's. They are now in fourth and sixth grades and continue to do well, getting excellent grades and loving school.” Elise M.

Sage Allison Kroell

So, today is a little bittersweet for us and frankly, I'm a little heartbroken. It's our last day of daycare at "Miss Claire's" for the boys. I know many of you know this but when George was born at 30 weeks, he was a sick little guy. We stayed in the NICU for over 2 months and that first year was filled (and I mean filled) with doctors, specialists, therapists, you name it. It was actually a blessing that I got laid off during my maternity leave so I could care for the little guy. So, you might be able to imagine how being a first-time mom going back to work compounded with all the medical 'stuff' how scared I (we) was to leave him at daycare for the first time when I did go back to work when he was 18 months. I mean you are essentially handing over your most precious thing in life to a complete stranger and hoping that they will care for them like you would. Petrifying. Finding Claire was a gift from God. I remember handing him over to her on that first day and her telling me to call as much as I wanted to to check on him and then crying on the drive all the way to work. Needless to say, it was quickly established that Ed would do drop off and I would do pick up. Well, I called and called that first day and each time he was fine. Over the next few days, weeks and months, I grew more comfortable with him being there and as I got to know Claire, it became not so hard. It became a place he enjoyed going to and I felt reassured knowing how safe and secure and happy he was being there. When Harry came along and it was time to go back to work, it was again horrible (as no mom wants to leave their baby EVER)but this time I wasn't scared. I knew he was in the best possible hands if he couldn't be with me. And for a new mom, that means a heck of a lot. She has been so integral in raising George and then his brother, Harry, over the past 4 years. She has kissed boo boos, given hugs, kisses, made healthy and delicious food, kept them engaged and learning, taught them manners, got them on a schedule from the start (AMEN!), helped with potty training, come to birthday parties and most importantly has loved them like they were her own. I am so beyond sad to have them leave this place which is their second home and while we are all excited for the boys new adventures this summer and beyond, it can't help but feel bittersweet. Claire, we love you so much. Thank you for everything!!! We are so grateful. I won't say goodbye because you and Victor and Linda are family now and will always be a part of our lives.
Sage and Ed Kroell




Daycare hours: 7:15 AM -5:30 PM
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